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Sinorock is very experienced in the implementation of rock bolt

Sinorock is very experienced in the implementation of rock bolt. These are frequently used in structural repair and lateral restraint applications where a fixing has to be made into weak substrates such as those filled with rubble. Sinorock's rock bolt systems are the perfect solution for the most challenging projects The range of Sinorock's rock bolt systems features various grades of high quality.With a production range of T thread to R thread, we will design the perfect engineering solution for your project. Self drilling rock bolt can be applied in foundation project to take place of underground continuous retaining wall and micro-bolting.The application of various gravity retaining wall can not only save the consumption of equipment materials but also able to reduce the construction cycle,promote efficiency ,reduce labor force ,except that,the safty factor of high- stress self drilling bolt can be significantly increased. With the philosophy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction,Sinorock has grown from a small rock bolt manufacturer to become a reputable global player today. As we pursue our commitment for service excellence, we begin to expand our services from sales to assisting our customer resolve on-site problems. We believe that our success lies in prompt response and strong technical support, both highly critical attributes to our customers.
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